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MindTime with Sian Collins

Women's Success Accelerator

Every Successful WOMAN leans on Successful  WOMEN

It's Time to Elevate YOUR Life, Personally and Professionally!

My MISSION is to empower Women Globally to ELEVATE their life in everyway"


The women's Success Accelerator is designed for women who are READY to step up and start making powerful changes in their lives and learn easily how they can begin to make the right decisions that will lead to the success they want in every area of life i.e. relationships, career, business, socially, professionally, money etc.

Women who may currently feel like their life looks good on the outside, but inside they feel like they have failed, or may feel unfulfilled and sometimes lonely.  However, they yearn for a better life and to feel the joy of SUCCESS again.

"You really can shine like a diamond in your life when you show up and TRUST in yourself"

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Reframe your Mindset & Master your Greatness!


       💎Your Self-esteem

       💎Improve ALL Relationship's

        💎Build Bulletproof Boundaries

        💎Have Unshakeable Self-trust 

        💎Multiply your Courage

        💎Increase your Intuition       


        💎Re-activate your Talents

        💎Be productive & take ACTION

        💎Elevate your Income

        💎LIVE your Soul Purpose 

        💎Success in your Personal Life


        💎Success in Professional Life

        💎Feel Deeply Fulfilled 

        💎SHINE💎 in this lifetime


Confident Women


With more than 2 decades of experience in mastering my clients greatness, Sian Collins has merged her fountain of knowledge in coaching, therapy, teaching, mentoring, holistic healing to name but a few.  Not only that but Sian collaborates with 1000's of other inspirational women leaders to collect tools that WORK! for women who want to ELEVATE their life. 

This can be in Relationships, Self-Trust, Career, Being Authentic and showing up as yourself.
MindTime programs are profoundly life changing, as we go deep into the Conscious / Sub-Conscious / Central part of the mind, which I like to call your 'Sheila Mind'

It's like hitting Restart and Recharging your Life!

Unlock your Potential and start Shining in Life


I lead you though and easy process to help identify the greater problem that contributes to your current situation, and release it for good.

Allowing you to be FREE of limitations and looking forward to a brighter and happier future. 

FREE your Mind - OPEN your Heart


Understanding how your brilliant MIND works

Breaking through barrier of UNWANTED beliefs


Know exactly what you WANT & DESIRE

Create UNSHAKEABLE self-trust

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Taking action to your GOALS

Always FEEL Calm, Confident & Ready to Thrive


BONUS 6 monthly programs and what's Included 


Transformational 1-Month Program:


Workbooks and Journals:

Tools for note-taking on the journey

Documenting goals, desires, and positive outcomes

Weekly 1-Hour Sessions:

Twelve sessions for in-depth exploration and transformation

Identification and resolution of unwanted beliefs

Transformational Recordings:

Customized recordings designed to aid in reaching specific goals

Option for relaxation music for a personalized experience

Live Q & A Sessions:

Weekly 45-minute sessions with Sian Collins over Zoom

Interactive opportunity for questions and discussion

Email Support & Advice:

24/7 availability for support and guidance

Future Vision for Success Recording:

Guided recording to envision and manifest future success

Complimentary Motivational Recordings:

Morning and evening recordings for additional motivation

What Sian's Client's are Saying

Wow. Just wow. Sian was absolutely amazing. I was blown away with her intuition and how she guided my session. She made me feel safe and totally confident that she not only understood my story but that she could really help me. She is truly gifted in her work and I would recommend anybody to go see her. She is the real deal. Her voice on the recording is angelic and I still listen to it everyday. Thanks again Sian you really changed my life and your magic touched my soul.

Sharon Hull
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