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Hi, Im Sian
I Can Help You Create A Confident, Happy Life—Fulfilled with Abundance of Every Kind!


Ignite Your Brilliance, Embrace an Extraordinary Happy & Confident Life! 


You know deep down that you're destined for greatness. To have amazing confidence, self-esteem, financial abundance, business success, and inner calmness are all part of your extraordinary journey.


Yet, that persistent inner critic tries to dim your light. You've achieved success, but self-doubt lingers, holding you back.

Confidence is your guiding force, and without it, everything comes to a halt, leaving you feeling small and stuck.

It's time to break free, boost your confidence, and experience a profound inner calmness.

and here's the truth – your life is not meant to be difficult...

You Were Meant for So Much More

Hi, I'm Sian Collins, your Confidence Coach & Healing Therapist. My mission is to empower you to thrive. Together, we'll silence that inner critical voice, boost your confidence, enhance self-esteem, and cultivate inner calmness. I understand the impact of self-doubt, and I'm here to guide you towards true confidence in both your personal and business life.

Confidence Unleashed - Your Journey Begins Here


Experience a personalized approach that goes beyond traditional coaching. My unique blend of coaching and healing techniques is designed to address the root of self-doubt, fostering true confidence and inner calmness.

Sian Collins - Sucess Mindset Coach & Transformation Hypnotherapist for Women & Children

The best version of you

Discover the secrets to stepping up your life in Confidence, Self-Trust, Relationships, Finances & Success.

The best part is the secrets are already within you, you just have not been shown how to uncovered them yet! 

Remember, there is no better time than the present
to embark on your transformation journey.

Transform with Sian Collins!

Unlock the confidence every woman deserves for a fulfilled and joyful life. It's the key to success in all areas – personal, professional, emotional, and spiritual. Reconnect with true inner happiness, triggering positive change in every area of your life.

Now is your time, where you silence your inner critic, your "Sheila Voice", you know that voice in your mind who is your worst critic, that consistently whispers doubts in your mind, like:

"You're not good enough / "smart enough" / "or clever enough"


"You can't have it all, good things don't come to you".


"I don't know how to fit it"

"What will others think or say about me?"

"Who do you think you are?"

"It so hard for me to talk to people, what will they think of me?"

I know you can relate to this voice in your mind and its normal, but NOT a normal you want.


Break free from these doubts and confidently define your worth. Embark on the journey, unravelling self-criticism to shine bright and embrace the success and happiness you deserve.

Let's transform together. Your confidence, joy, and fulfilment are waiting to blossom.

Let me lead the pathway to discovering your hidden Strengths, Skills, & Talents 

Embark on an incredible journey with Sian Collins!


Picture a world full of positivity and strong connections. Imagine feeling free and confidently connected in all your relationships—with your kids, loving partner, family, friends, and even those you work with. It's about reclaiming joy, fixing what's not working for you, and stepping into the empowerment of your renewed confidence.

As you dive into this transformation, visualize a life beaming with inner fulfilment in parenthood, with your loving partner, having financial abundance, and emotional well-being and knowing you are a worthy woman that deserves to have it all.

Ready for a simple, clear, and uplifting experience with MindTime?


To re-set your confidence and bring energy back to your body and mind again.


We are here, ready and excited for you!

Women 1:1


A 6 week 1:1 Empowerment Program where we focus on :

What positive change you would like to make in your life


Your Goals

Unblock what's holding you back


Set you up for SUCESS


Using my UNIQUE program MindTime, you will receive my 100% commitment to making the changes you want in your life.  Bespoke to your individual needs and goals.

Success for Women

Weekly MindTime Transformation

If you would like to receive my weekly newsletter and AFFIRMATIONS to BLISS sign up here

Weekly MindTime Transformation

If you would like to receive my weekly newsletter and AFFIRMATIONS to BLISS sign up here
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FREE your Mind - OPEN your Heart and start living the life of your Wildest Dreams

What my Client Say

The women I work with have such great SUCCESS that they send me their Children, Grandchildren, Nieces and Nephews so I can help our future generation build their confidence from as young as 5 to teenagers.

Childrens Confidence

5 - 18 Years Old


The CONFIDENCE toolbox that every parent wants their child to have. 


Start from age of 5 upwards.


All programs supports and nurtures your Childs Confidence, Self-esteem and Intelligence through BEDTIME audio stories that you simply switch and let you child drift off to sleep.


The CORE theme is:



Lay the foundation for their future today.



What Sian's Clients are Saying

Sian is an amazing practitioner, and also a lovely lady who has the unique gift of making you feel good about yourself. I was really unsure of what to expect when I went along for my first session, but she put me at ease immediately with her warm, friendly and caring nature. I felt more relaxed and calm even after the first session, and then listened to the recordings daily as advised. The difference was truly incredible, and following her advice and guidance, I became more positive and happier within myself. The pandemic unfortunately brought further anxieties and concerns, and when I felt I needed a ‘top-up’, Sian once again knew exactly how to best support my needs. I would highly recommend Sian to anybody who is looking for an alternative treatment for personal issues. She has been an inspiration and a huge source of strength.


Margaret Thomas

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