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MindTime with Sian Collins

Gain Control Over Your Life and Learn How to Easily Reduce YOUR Over Worry Thought and Boost your Confidence & Self-Belief 

When you reduce over worrying thoughts, you begin to feel NORMAL again

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I know you will be familiar with the pressures us women put on ourselves—always giving out and never able to say no, worrying about everyone else around you when you are not feeling that great inside yourself, feeling we have to do more, be more, give more to be a great woman, wife, partner, mother, business owner.


These burdens are all too common, yet their toll on our joy and fulfilment in life is something no one should endure.

My transformational session's are crafted for women who are ready to shed these weights. Whether you're grappling with negative thinking, heightened anxiety, or feeling stuck in life's currents, I offer a compassionate pathway to unlock your inner happiness.

Through a series of personalised sessions, I guide you beyond temporary solutions. Together, we'll navigate towards lasting transformation, cultivating resilience and clarity amidst life's challenges.

It's time to reclaim your light and embrace a life where joy and confidence flourish within you.

Uncover the Depths of Your Mind and Achieve Mastery in Every Aspect of Life

Genuine success embraces the entirety of your being, spanning across financial abundance, emotional wellness, and spiritual satisfaction. It entails embarking on a transformative voyage towards "Inner Fulfillment," where no facet of your life is overlooked or neglected.

After all, genuine success is not achieved if you excel in one area, but find you fall short in other areas.

Your innate talents and Unique Magic are essential contributions that the world eagerly awaits. However, you can only fully share them and reap the rewards once you silence the inner disruptive voices, the "inner critic" or "Sheila" as I like to refer to the voice we all have in our minds that will talk you out of success at every opportunity. 

within that we all have.  

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The transformative healing process is crucial for your progress. Your "Inner Critic" (your Sheila voice) manifests as your internal thoughts, whispering doubts and fears such as:

"If you show up as your true self people wont like what they see and you will feel rejected"

"What if I get it wrong again, I will look stupid"

"Who am I? people wont listen to me"

"I just want to be normal and successful like everyone else"

"You don't work HARD enough to make lots of money, you must work HARDER"

To unlock your FULL POTENTIAL and attain success, it is crucial to heal your "Inner Critic" (your Sheila Mind) and embrace the profound journey of self-transformation and healing that awaits you.

You have achieved so much in life already - but there is 
SO much more to come of's exciting!

Finding the easy secrets to unlocking your success can be tricky and can take weeks, months even years of our lives looking for the answers.  Through my pioneering transformational method MindTime I will get you the answer you desire the most and the positive results you deserve to have in your life, in as little time as possible. 

Understanding your brilliant MIND

MindTime understand your mind
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Know exactly what you WANT & DESIRE

MindTime what do you desire

Breaking through barrier of UNWANTED beliefs

MindTime remove unwanted beliefs
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Create UNSHAKEABLE self-trust

MindTime Unshakeable Self-Trust

My sessions are personalised and go deep into the subconscious, using my unique method of MindTime.  These sessions are focused on the greater problem that is causing your self-doubt and affecting your day-to-day life.
It's like hitting a reset button!

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Taking action towards your GOALS

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Always FEEL Calm, Confident & Ready to Thrive

MindTime Confidence
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Week 1: Your FREE 45 Minute Consultation - Strategy Call to focus on your goals and outcomes

Week 2: One and Half  Hour - Rapid Transformational Therapy session

Week 3: One Hour - Coaching Session

Week 4: One Hour - Coaching Session


Bespoke Transformational Recording - With an option of relaxation music

Email Support & Advice

A Future Vision for Success Recording

Morning Motivational Recording1.

EXTRA BONUS is access to the monthly program "MindTime to BLISS" a 4 weekly program to help you create a simple and easy practice for your mind to continue letting go of unwanted busy thoughts and maintain your new and exciting achievements.  When you Worry Less - You Acheive More.


4 Week Online Course Includes: 

MindTime Review

Sharon Hull


Wow. Just wow. Sian was absolutely amazing. I was blown away with her intuition and how she guided my session. She made me feel safe and totally confident that she not only understood my story but that she could really help me. She is truly gifted in her work and I would recommend anybody to go see her. She is the real deal. Her voice on the recording is angelic and I still listen to it everyday. Thanks again Sian you really changed my life and your magic touched my soul.

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