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MindTime with Sian Collins Success MindTime Coach & Hypnotherapist

"We may not know each other yet! but one thing is for sure there is so much more to come of's exciting!"

Hi there, whatever has bought you here, I am so pleased that it did. If you are going through some tough times, believe me, I understand.

I know myself how debilitating low self-esteem and anxiety can be, as I have been through it myself. Throughout my life I  have been overloaded with stress, anxiety, bad decisions, lost paths, adversity, depression and divorce. Constantly worrying if I'm being a good Mum and role model for my children.  I know how it can stop you from moving forward.  


Even though your life may look good on the outside, inside you feel unhappy, out of control of your thoughts and constantly worrying about what others think of you.

MindTime with Sian Collins Success MindTime Coach & Hypnotherapist

You Don't Have to Stay Stuck!

Here's the beauty of life - when you feel like there's no way out, and you acknowledge and accept reality - you open yourself up to healing, removing blockages, acheiving breakthroughs and rebuilding.


My story may not be the same as yours, but I had feelings of not fitting in, intrusive thoughts and excessive worry for years, and decided it was time to take charge and make some powerful changes.


Now, after two decades of mastering many techniques to help my clients control anxiety, fears, negative beliefs, it is my mission to help as many people as I can understand the genius of their mind so they too can be the master of their own lives. 

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Unlock What's Holding You Back

I remember thinking as I learned the techniques of RTT Hypnotherapy and first hand experience of having Mindset Coaching:


“This can help someone instantly, compared to years and years of counselling and trying to fix it alone."

Through my own personal journey I have discovered how to help others by going deep into the subconscious to find the root cause of the problem. Once we unlock that, a new perspective of life starts unfolding, opening you up to happiness, fulfillment and purpose.

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