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Unlock the Art of True Self-Care: Embrace Your Wellbeing at MindTime

Hello beautiful woman,

I'm delighted that you're here today, taking the first step towards looking at your self-care routine. It's something us women often overlook as we prioritize everyone else's routines — from school runs and bedtime routines to work schedules, meal planning, house cleaning, and managing the mental health of the entire family. But in the midst of it all, we tend to neglect our own self-care.

Now, let's embark on a journey together to swiftly enhance your routine and prioritize your well-being. Because, my dear, at the end of the day, you and your mental health, as well as your inner fulfilment, truly matter!

Self-care, at its core, involves engaging in activities that holistically benefit our wellbeing in the long run. It's about making responsible choices with conscious intentions. For example, gracefully declining a late-night invitation to prioritize a good night's sleep. On the other hand, self-indulgence often provides temporary gratification but leads to negative outcomes. We've all experienced the consequences of staying up too late and waking up feeling drained and irritable the next day.

Let's dive into your self-care journey and create a list of routines that will bring you joy and well-being. Grab a pen and paper, and let's get serious about your self-care!

  1. Reflect and envision your future: Take a moment to evaluate your current self-care activities. Consider their impact on your long-term well-being. Are they providing temporary relief or genuinely contributing to your overall happiness? In a world of instant gratification, making informed choices can be challenging. Remember, true self-care prioritizes long-term benefits over immediate gains.

  2. Create an intentional routine: Instead of succumbing to impulsive actions, design a schedule that serves as a reliable anchor during overwhelming times. Set consistent bedtimes and mealtimes to cultivate discipline and resilience. While it may be tempting to neglect self-care during stressful moments, a well-crafted routine will keep you grounded and empowered.

  3. Seek support and accountability: Involve your loved ones in your self-care journey. Share your aspirations and seek their honest perspectives to keep you on track. By including them in your healthy self-care routines, you not only strengthen your commitment but also build stronger relationships based on trust and understanding.

Now, take this opportunity to write down the self-care routines you want to achieve. Be specific and prioritize activities that bring you happiness, fulfilment, and peace of mind. Remember, this list is your personal guide to self-care, tailored to your unique needs and desires. Embrace the power of self-care and let it transform your life for the better!

At MindTime, we are dedicated to empowering women like you to build healthier and more resilient lives. Our bite-sized coaching and science-based tools are designed to foster a supportive and nurturing environment for your overall wellbeing. Reach out to us at

To stay updated with valuable tips on mental and emotional wellbeing, connect with us on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and our other social channels. Join our community of empowered women who prioritize their self-care journey.

Let's embark on this transformative journey of true self-care together, nurturing our minds, bodies, and souls to create lives that align with our deepest desires and aspirations.

With warm regards,

Sian Collins at MindTime

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