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MindTime for Children : Building Confident Resilient Children

  • 56Days
  • 20Steps


Introducing a four-week online course designed for children, with a primary focus on self-understanding, managing thoughts and emotions, and gaining control over one's feelings. Throughout the four-week program, participants will delve into the reasons behind anxiety, worrying thoughts, and the multitude of emotions they experience, such as sadness, happiness, anger, surprise, fear, and disgust. During this course, we will explore effective techniques to reduce unwanted heightened emotions, including anxiety, overworking, and fear. Our main emphasis will be on cultivating inner happiness, boosting confidence, and enhancing self-esteem. To maximize the benefits of this program, we encourage participation from parents, guardians, family members, friends, and teachers. Completing the course together fosters stronger relationships. However, it is important to note that completing the program individually is also an option for those who prefer it. You will have access to the online course for 8 weeks which will allow you time to download the audio recording library which will be provided in weeks at the end of the 4 weekly consecutive sessions.

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