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BLISS with Sian Collins

  • 28Days
  • 56Steps


Embark on a transformative journey with MindTime to Bliss, a specially curated 4-week program designed exclusively for women seeking joy, empowerment, and inner radiance. 🌟 In Week 1, we delve into self-discovery, fostering mind-body harmony and shedding light on negative thought patterns—meet Sheila, your inner critic. 💬 Week 2 focuses on the power of positive thinking, guiding you to craft a narrative of self-love through affirmations and tranquil guided meditations. 🌈 As we progress to Week 3, stress transforms into triumph, and relaxation becomes an art with breathwork, music, and soothing visualizations. 🎶 The final week, Week 4, invites you to bloom beyond boundaries, cultivating gratitude, embracing mindful living, and fostering self-belief for a balanced and blissful life. 🌸 Throughout the program, you'll learn the MindTime daily 10-minute practice—a simple, easy, and fun method to instruct your mind to be calm and clear, empowering you to navigate life with newfound clarity and serenity. 🧘 Join us on this empowering journey where simplicity meets profound transformation. Discover the real you and let go of anything that's not serving you well. Your joyous transformation awaits! 🚀

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