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Ultimate Footballer - with Sian Collins

  • 8Weeks
  • 42Steps


This program is for someone who already loves playing football, but wants to take their current skills to the next ultimate level, exactly how professional player make their way. Unlock your child's full potential with our online football program which is a mixture of bedtime positive audio recordings. We focus on boosting skills while building confidence, self-esteem, resilience, and social abilities. Say goodbye to anxiety and over worrying thoughts as your child takes their football game to the next level. This is a holistic approach to both sports and personal development – where every kick builds skills and self-assurance for a brighter future! Not only this, but it will also revitalise your child's sleep and mindset with the bedtime audio recordings! This simple routine not only promotes a more refreshed and positive mindset when waking in the mornings, but also imparts valuable insights about the mind. When your child knows how to harness and control their brilliant mind, it will automatically enhance both sports performance and personal development!

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